“Nick helped me articulate Limber's identity. He listens, thinks, explores and recognises the creative moments needed to communicate with accuracy and a bit of vibe. It’s clear he is passionate and cares, and that made a difference.”

Bart de Vries
Founder, Limber, NZ

"We first began working with Nick to broaden our reach into print media but it was immediately clear his skill set was more wide ranging and relevant to us than we’d imagined.

"He has consistently challenged us to consider who we are, why we are and where we’re going, both in regard to individual projects and the future of our business. We are constantly feeling grateful for Nick’s participation in our team and truly believe we couldn’t do without him!"

Jordon Osmond & Antoinette Wilson
Founders, Happen Films, New Zealand

“Over a career stretching 30+ years, I’ve worked with many writers, editors, and marketing strategists. Nick Tucker is one of the best.

“Although he is a seasoned professional, Nick is never jaded, never glib. He approaches each project as if it really matters—because he knows it does. Nick cares about results and works hard to make sure you get them. It is a privilege to have worked with him, and my door is always open to him.”

Jeffrey Zeldman
Founder, A List Apart, US

“Working with Nick over a number of years I always found his support invaluable from copywriting for press through to website work and social media support.

“We worked together as a true team to implement a new and challenging messaging approach to our marketing, making our messages more impactful and resonate with the end user, to deliver a more relevant message and allow us to position our products in the marketplace with improved clarity and resonance.

“Nick’s willingness to adopt a new approach aligned to his knowledge, understanding and experience of the subjects and markets being targeted made the delivery of many marketing, commercial and technical messages successful for all parties.“

Mark Scott
former Senior Nutritionist, KW Feeds, UK

“I have worked with Nick for over 10 years and really value his contribution.  Over this time Nick has been the driving force behind the implementation of complex content marketing initiatives as well as supporting the implementation of CEB Challenger™ which was a business wide initiative of strategic importance that reduced cross company communication from a mass of dozens of e-mails per week down to one coherent single narrative that still drives our commercial, marketing and technical teams today.

“I find Nick is always challenging my thinking and able to contribute new ideas around communications that enable us to constantly strive for a step change in our impact.  He is loyal and trustworthy, never lets me down and always delivers to a high standard.  In my 11 years with AB Agri he is the only supplier and agency partner that I have worked with from the outset and still continue to be impressed by.

“His contribution to our business has been great.  His impact felt across sales, marketing, procurement, technical and product management.

“Thank you Nick!!!!”

Sarah Kingsbury
former Marketing Director, AB Agri, UK

“During my time re-establishing the Keenan Mixer brand in New Zealand in 2007, Nick was invaluable for guidance on the production of promotional and nutritional technical articles for the dairy and beef farming sectors.

“As with any marketing or article for publication, getting your opinion explained and understood critical to the success of that investment. Nick's knowledge, understanding and experience of both the subject and the target audience made Keenan a much easier job to reestablish in a stale market.“

Donal Blackwell
Ruminant Nutritionist, Alltech, Australia

“Nick did a thoroughly professional job for us when we newly entered the Chinese ruminant market.  We were able to get articles published in key target publications that were sympathetic to a very different cultural landscape to that in the west.”

Peter Hill
Technical director, AB Co-Products Asia, China