It's all about people. Honouring what they bring, valuing their perspectives, meeting their needs, and holding the space needed for our work together to take place.

Working alongside great people with a meaningful purpose is what makes a project worth working on. And when we're able to bring our fullest selves to a project, what emerges is better than any of us can achieve individually.

nick tucker

Born and raised in England, Nick Tucker is from-left-field. He's worked in the marketing communications industry since the mid-1990s, and he cares...a lot. He cares that those he works with have a great experience and move on feeling heard, connected and fulfilled. He cares about how things are done, the impact they have on the people and places they touch, and that what we're doing will make the world a better place to live in. For us, and for future generations.

And he loves being outdoors, in amongst nature, exploring the wonderful environments that New Zealand (his home  since 2005) has to offer. Whether it's tramping (hiking) in the back country, an off-road mountain bike adventure, or trail running in a pair of five-fingered shoes, he'll usually have a smile on his face and a family member or two by his side.

the freelancers

When it comes to delivery of 'the message', requirements for content and design change with every project. So with a world of skilled specialists available at the touch of a keyboard, the business model at from-left-field is more collective than agency. It gives the flexibility to work with the freelancers best suited to deliver on each specific project, and the ability for them to work wherever – and however – they work best.

in-house & agencies

It also means that from-left-field can dovetail seamlessly with any in-house or existing agency resources already in place. If the required capability is already there, let's maximise the value of that existing relationship, and add additional resource only where it's needed.


Evolving steadily since its inception in 2000, the business was reborn as from-left-field in 2009 to provide a platform from which Nick could focus on delivering marketing communication services.

And the nature and direction of the business began to evolve again in mid-2017. Prior to that, the priority had been content advice, support and delivery. Plus the implementation of systems and processes to maximise the value of the content produced across multiple channels.

But as the marketplace evolved, including the proliferation and rise in importance of digital channels, new opportunities were opening up. The skills developed in crafting and delivering compelling 'story' at the content level were increasingly needed at a higher level. Needed to develop effective strategies that delivered powerful, authentic messaging to a supportive audience in a way that was effective and sustainable.

So the work now is to explore and reveal what's 'true' for the people from-left-field works with. And from that foundation, build the positioning, messaging and customer experience that leads to long-standing relationship, loyalty and trust.