Occasional writings on topics that inspire me to share my thoughts as I explore this work we do and what it means for those we impact. Earlier essays may not reflect my latest thinking, so think of it as a breadcrumb trail of how I got to where I am currently. And feel free to engage at any point along the trial that resonates. I'll meet you there!

from manufactured authenticity to authentic authenticity—revealing the full story of you

No.9 / 972 words / 4–5 minute read
There's something that happens when you fully own and embody your full story. When you communicate from a place of true authenticity, you're no longer holding back when you talk to clients or customers. There's no need to filter. No need to second guess their response. No opportunity to steer or manipulate their perception of you or your product or your brand. And that's a good thing. read full essay

the five (for now!) elements of true connection

No.8 / 1021 words / 4–5 minute read
So much of what we currently call marketing is trying to create connection, whether between offers and customers, audiences and organisations, and so on. Yet that connection is often only superficial, and the holy grail of deep, loyal, long-lasting connection–what I'll call 'true connection'–can seem elusive. read full essay

where does your website sit on the 'Persuasion Scale'?

No.7 / 933 words / 4–5 minute read
Am I the only one being increasingly turned away by the overly formulaic landing pages that seem to be standard fare for selling productised services on the web? It's an approach I often come across when visiting websites promoting courses, training workshops and webinars (amongst other things). And my reaction is now near-universal–I head for the hills, and only come back if there's no good alternative. read full essay

use it first, then pay what you think it’s worth!

No.6 / Length: 1476 words / 5–6 minute read
The term ‘paradigm shift’ is somewhat overused these days, but it feels right for the emerging trend in how value exchange is being handled, particularly in the world of online content. Are we seeing the 'beginning of the end' for the traditional approach to transactional business? And is this new model of consume-first-pay-what-you-think-it's-worth-later (if you want to...) applicable to offline and physical offerings? read full essay

what has marketing become, and is it time for it to go?

No.5 / 951 words / 4–5 minute read
I have a problem with the word 'marketing'. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like a phrase from a bygone age, an age when the dominant approach to gathering attention for your product or service was to be bold, brash and shout louder than any of your competitors. read full essay

your most overlooked audience...probably!

No.4 / 759 words / 3–4 minute read
In recent articles I've been exploring the terminology, definitions and boundaries we apply to the individuals and organisations we connect with in our work. It's those connections which create the overall brand experience. Yet all too often there's one dimension that's either overlooked, or certainly doesn't receive the attention it deserves. read full essay

redefining customers vs consumers vs...
what's actually relevant today?

No.3 / 1003 words / 4–5 minute read
Yesterday, I explored the changing nature of how audiences need to be considered and defined, and pointed to the implications for brand positioning and messaging. The article ended with a definition of target audience, and it's clear to me that the traditional approach to segmenting that grouping is no longer serving its purpose. read full essay

new complexities in defining audience:
direct vs indirect vs target

No.2 / 752 words / 3–4 minute read
It used to be simple. There was your business and there were customers. There was usually a wider audience who may (or may not) be aware of what you did. And there was typically a target sector within that audience (the target audience) which you focused on as likely to become customers. And those customers bought things. With money. And in the vast majority of cases they paid up front. read full essay

so what is 'brand experience' anyway?

No.1 / 772 words / 3–4 minute read
When people ask me what I do, there's a pause as I search once more for the words to describe the work, the process, the experience. The happening, if you like, that takes place when I am engaging with others on behalf of my business. Even here, I'm struggling to find the words to convey it completely and accurately. read full essay