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sustainable authentic impact

marketing communications that connect those driven to make the world a better place, with the audience of customers they need to thrive.

Because however impactful and authentic your work, without that support it isn't sustainable.

So my role is to guide people who are passionate about improving the lives, businesses and environments of others on a journey of exploration. A journey to discover and understand what it means to be truly authentic, and from that place to connect with those you're here to serve.

It's a process that creates the foundation for effective strategy, relevant content and honest communication. Out of that can grow loyalty and trust, and long-term support for the work you do.

And in helping extraordinary people with great values connect with their 'tribe', I get to serve mine. For me, true success—in business, as in life—lies in helping others achieve their goals.

So if you’d rather reach an audience of supporters not just consumers, and be in service not just in business, reach out and connect. Maybe we can do some great work together.

people I've worked with over the years...

“We first began working with Nick to broaden our reach into print media...He has consistently challenged us to consider who we are, why we are and where we’re going...and truly believe we couldn’t do without him!”

Jordon Osmond & Antoinette Wilson
Founders, Happen Films, New Zealand

“Over a career stretching 30+ years, I’ve worked with many writers, editors, and marketing strategists. Nick Tucker is one of the best....It is a privilege to have worked with him, and my door is always open to him.”

Jeffrey Zeldman
Founder, A List Apart, US

“Nick helped me articulate Limber's identity. He listens, thinks, explores and recognises the creative moments needed to communicate with accuracy and a bit of vibe. It’s clear he is passionate and cares, and that made a difference.“

Bart de Vries
Founder, Limber, NZ

“...Nick is always challenging my thinking and able to contribute new ideas around communications that enable us to constantly strive for a step change in our impact...His contribution to our business has been great...”

Sarah Kingsbury
former Marketing Director, AB Agri, UK

“Working with Nick over a number of years I always found his support invaluable...We worked together as a true deliver a more relevant message position our products in the marketplace with improved clarity and resonance.”

Mark Scott
former Senior Nutritionist, KW Feeds, UK

“During my time re-establishing the Keenan Mixer brand in New Zealand in 2007...Nick's knowledge, understanding and experience of both the subject and the target audience made Keenan a much easier job to re-establish in a stale market.“

Donal Blackwell
Ruminant Nutritionist, Alltech, Australia

“Nick did a thoroughly professional job for us when we newly entered the Chinese ruminant get articles published in key target publications that were sympathetic to a very different cultural landscape to that in the west.”

Peter Hill
Technical Director, AB Co-products Asia, China