the positioning
workshop series

Delivering a series of in-depth explorations of the five phases of the positioning process, this workshop series is centred around open discussion, facilitated discovery and collaborative thinking.

The workshops are designed to lead your team step-by-step towards uncovering and defining the details needed to implement an authentic, engaging and sustainable positioning.

This is an intense series of workshops designed to be split across five consecutive mornings, leaving the afternoons available for work (and for from-left-field to process each workshop's outcomes). Typically run through one calendar week, the workshops can be split around a weekend if necessary.


Alternative schedules are possible at additional cost, so do get in touch if you like to discuss this option further.

Workshops can also be provided individually, or as a series spread over an extended period of time. The per workshop cost for this option (excl. taxes, travel, accommodation) is NZ$4,000.
(approx. GBP2,100 / US$2,760*)

5 half-day workshops:

  • day 1: exploring values & identity
  • day 2: defining targets & offers
  • day 3: developing tactics & strategy
  • day 4: aligning content & design
  • day 5: mentoring creation & delivery (see note below)

workshop details:

  • 3hr per day (plus breaks), typically mornings
  • regular breaks to allow processing of calls and emails
  • consecutive workdays, typically mornings
  • up to six people attending
  • provision of full set of printed outcomes* for each phase
  • access to a private Slack channel available only to workshop participants

cost: (excl. taxes, travel, accommodation)

Cost for full workshop series: NZ$15,000
(approx. GBP7,900 / US$10,350*)

Note that the day 5 workshop will deliver an outline of mentoring requirements, and does not include the mentoring itself. Check out the mentoring section of this page for details of this separate stand-alone service, which is offered either in-person, via video conferencing, or by phone, email and messaging.

* Based on exchange rate as at 05 Feb 2019.

the tailored positioning service

For individuals or organisations that require a different level of input than is set out in this workshop series, from-left-field can offer workshops, consultancy and mentoring services tailored to meet your specific requirements. Email us today and we'll arrange a time to give you a call.