the positioning process workbooks

A condensed version of the from-left-field positioning process designed specifically to give access to those with less time or fewer resources.

Particularly useful for small businesses or individuals looking to position a new venture, or re-position current work to achieve greater long-term sustainability, engagement and impact.

The phase-1 workbook (exploring values & identity) is available as a free PDF download, with others available for purchase individually or as a discounted bundle for the complete series.

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cost: (incl. taxes)

Phase-1 workbook (workbook 1): free

Each additional workbook: NZ$99
(approx. GBP52 / US$68*)

Full workbook series bundle: NZ$349
(approx. GBP184 / US$241*)

* Based on exchange rate as at 05 Feb 2019.

Email us for your free copy of workbook 1, or to order additional workbooks, either individually or as the full series bundle.

the positioning workbook series:

  • workbook 1: exploring values & identity
  • workbook 2: defining targets & offers
  • workbook 3: developing tactics & strategy
  • workbook 4: aligning content & design
  • workbook 5: mentoring creation & delivery
    (see note below)

workbook details:

  • purchase as a full package, or individually
  • discount for purchase of multiple workbooks
  • phase-1 workbook (exploring values & identity) available free
  • downloadable PDF format
  • complete each workbook on-screen or printed out
  • step-by-step exercises to lead you through the positioning process
  • question-based format to help generate the information needed
  • includes templates to record the outcomes for each phase
  • lifetime notification of updates to any workbooks already purchased

Note: The mentoring service itself is not included in this package. Workbook 5 will allow you to identify areas where mentoring and additional support may be needed. Mentoring can be purchased separately as required. For more information, visit the services page.

our supported positioning service

Additional support working through the positioning workbook series is available as part of our supported positioning services. The packages include the full workbook series, plus a number of video calls and a review of the workbook outcomes. More detail can be found on the services page.